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A Writer's Dictionary:

rub off on someone Definition

Dictionary Home » Words Starting with R » RPV ... ruckus » rub off on someone

verb rubbed, rubbing
    1. To apply pressure and friction to something by moving one's hand or an object backwards and forwards over its surface.
      Thesaurus: stroke, massage, caress, knead.
    2. To move backwards and forwards against, on or along it with pressure and friction.
      Form: rub against something (usually)
      Form: rub on something
      Form: rub along something
    3. To apply (ointment, polish, etc) to a surface with pressure so that it is evenly spread, absorbed, etc.
      Form: rub something on something else (usually)
      Form: rub something into something else
    4. To clean something or polish, dry, smooth it, etc by applying pressure and friction.
      Thesaurus: clean, scrub, polish, shine, smooth, knead.
    tr & intr
    5. To remove it or be removed by pressure and friction.
      Form: rub something away, off, out (often)
    tr & intr
    6. To be sore or make something sore by pressure and friction; to chafe.
      Thesaurus: abrade, chafe, irritate, inflame, grate, rasp.
    tr & intr
    7. To fray by pressure and friction.
    8. bowls.
      Said of a bowl: to be slowed down or deflected by unevenness in the green, an obstacle, etc.
    1. The process or an act of rubbing.
      Thesaurus: stroke, touch, friction, wipe.
    2. An obstacle or difficulty.
      Example: It will cost a lot and there's the rub
      Thesaurus: difficulty, problem, dilemma, impediment, obstacle, hindrance, drawback, catch, hitch, snag, predicament, frustration.
    3. bowls.
      Something that slows down or deflects a bowl.
Derivative: rubber
    See separate entries.
Derivative: rubbing
    Application of friction.
    An impression or copy made by placing paper over a raised surface and rubbing the paper with crayon, wax, chalk, etc. See also frottage (sense 1).
      Example: a brass rubbing
Idiom: rub shoulders
    To come into social contact.
Idiom: rub someone's nose in it
    To persist in reminding someone of a fault or mistake they have made.
Idiom: rub someone up the wrong way
    To annoy or irritate them, especially by dealing with them carelessly or tactlessly.
      Thesaurus: irritate, anger, annoy, peeve, irk, needle, bug, vex, get to (slang), get (slang), get under one's skin (slang); Antonym: placate, appease.
Etymology: 14c.

Phrasal Verb: rub along
    To manage to cope, make progress, etc without any particular difficulties.
Phrasal Verb: rub along with someone
    To be on more or less friendly terms with them.
Phrasal Verb: rub something down
    To rub (one's body, a horse, etc) briskly from head to foot, eg to dry it.To prepare (a surface) to receive new paint or varnish by rubbing the old paint or varnish off.To become or make something smooth by rubbing.
Phrasal Verb: rub something in
    To apply (ointment, etc) by rubbing.To mix (fat) into flour by rubbing one's fingertips together in the mixture.To insist on talking about or emphasizing (an embarrassing fact or circumstance).
Phrasal Verb: rub off on someone
    To have an effect on or be passed to someone by close association.
      Example: Some of his bad habits have rubbed off on you
Phrasal Verb: rub someone out
    To murder them.
Phrasal Verb: rub something out
    To remove it by rubbing, especially with an eraser.
Phrasal Verb: rub someone up
    To rub against someone in an attempt to excite them or oneself sexually.
Phrasal Verb: rub something up
    To polish it.To refresh one's memory or knowledge of it.

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